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The night was dreary, as the cold summer wind gently blew, sending some cold through the area. The large, puffy, grey cloud hung over the world in a gloomy grey ceiling, hiding the fill yellowish moon, and dim stars. Green grass populated the ground, looking fresh, and lush, looking like green fur. Tree's surrounded the abandoned school, and thunder crackled as the rain started to drip. Animal eyes reflected whatever light seeped through the night, making glowing orbs seem to peer from the deep, dark woods. Not a single soul was in sight, most were sleeping cozy in their warm, safe, homes..

 "Dammit, dammit, dammit!" Ruby said as she ran through the halls of the school that were pitch black. The school was empty, but old paper were sprawled out onto the floor. The girl running, Ruby, still had on a school uniform. The skirt was red, with a black belt in it, and the shirt was white short sleeved shirt, and a red vest. She had almost thigh high socks and black slip on shoes with a strap on the top of her shoes. Her hair was long, and a reddish brown color, with clear red streaks. Her eyes were a almost Gem, blue, color, that had anger and fear held deep in those blue orbs....Her flash light flickered and she slowed to a fast walk, hitting her palm on the thing "come on, don't quite on me now!" she said, but the flashlight went dark, and the only light that was in the eerie dark halls, was light seeped through the boarded up windows. Now some....Thing...was chasing her AND she was lost AND it was dark...could it get worse. Ruby jumped and let out a 'eek' as thunder, that sounded to close for comfort, boom from outside. "dammit, Joel where the hell are you?!" she yelled, and started running again, down the seemingly endless halls...

I know you are wondering by now. What the bloody hell is going on?! Well, I'll take you back to the start, I guess...And maybe let YOU change their fate. Hehehe, fun little game, hmmmm? Who will live and who will die~? you decide.....
Warning: later on there will be more cussing, and a lot of blood and gore. Though I will let you decide who will be eliminated, later. This is just a intro. I will post a character back ground for all the people playing. And maybe if I see one person getting a lot of love they will make it out~ only the last to survive can leave, but most never do. Most end their life, or most go insane and choose to stay~
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June 25, 2014
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